Holistic Counseling and Coaching is uniquely suited to help you release roadblocks and support your journey to a life aligned with your highest potential.

We offer a compassionate yet direct holistic program – grounded in direct experience – custom-tailored to your bioenergetic traits, which will most efficiently and completely help you move forward.

Why are we uniquely-suited to help you?

Our unique experience and qualification. And our unique system of holistic healing.

The primary practiioner at HCC left medical school to reside, study, journey and apprentice with indigenous healers (shaman) from India, China, Ecuador, Brazil and Tibet. Thereafter he was invited to serve as a bodyworker and energyworker at world-renowned Esalen Institute (Big Sur, California). Only after working with 2,000 clients as a holistic healing practitioner, and after writing a trilogy of (three) books regarding holistic healing and bioenergetics (published by Wisdom Moon Publishing) – a process which took 15 years – did he consider himself ready to matriculate in one of the world’s few innovative PhD programs that allows study of pure holistic counseling and the science of consciousness.

Our unique system of healing recognizes that you have conscious traits based upon a distinct core energetic template. And we recognize that you are in a unique developmental stage. No one method of therapy can serve everyone. A custom-tailored program – most effective when experienced over the course of ninety days – supports most efficient and complete healing and evolution. This program focuses on healing both mind and body – as mind and body are entwined to such extent (by the nervous system and endocrine system) that they are considered inseparable; dysfunction of the mind is treated by addressing both body and mind – and the converse holds true.
How release roadblocks?

Given a weekly in-person (or telephone) conversation, and daily homework, the profane (egoic) mind’s boundaries begin to open (typically after approximately three weeks) – allowing subconscious issues (and other valuable information) to rise to the surface and, ultimately, release (from a bioenergetic/psychenergetic perspective).

How do we support your journey to a life aligned with your highest potential?

We help you interpret the subtle information received during the 90-day process.