How does Holistic Counseling differ from traditional counseling?

Mind and body are an integrated unit and thereby must be treated as such.

Thoughts are processed in the mind – yet ancient holistic practitioners recognized – from a bioenergetic perspective – that emotion is processed in the internal organs. Thus we must treat both mind and body to support complete psycho-emotional evolution.

Attain Your Highest Potential
Are roadblocks keeping you from attaining dreams?
Are you living a life aligned with your highest potential?
Are you aware that you have a unique life purpose and life service?
Did you know that major transitions may occur on a relatively predictable schedule?
Are you aware that expression and reception via specific physical senses can expedite your evolution?

The answers are not accessible to the profane (egoic) mind. The answers may be accessed through subconscious (body-based) mechanisms which reveal the sublime truth of who you are at the core. This information may be communicated internally via an enhanced sense of intuition and dreams, and externally through synchronicity.